Giddy Up To Nashville

Want to go someplace nice with your family, loved one or friends? Don’t know where to go? How about Nashville, Tennessee? That’s right put on your cowboy hat, because we are going to giddy-up to Nashville, and are going to check out all of these cool things to do in Nashville.

The District

So, you want to have fun, party, and maybe have a couple of drinks, okay not maybe, you definitely want to have some drinks, then where should you go? Yeah yeah, you guessed it the district. The district is located in downtown and is near Broadway Street and 5th avenue. What’s in the district you say? Whole allot of stuff. That is why it is the most fun thing to do in Nashville. In the district there are numerous bars, restaurants and shops but, you see that everywhere so what is different? The live country music and the line dance. Yee haw!!! That’s right there is nothing like taking a few drinks, listening to live country music and tipping your cowboy hat as you do so. Now when you are all loosened up, you can join in the line dance and shake those cowboy boots of yours. The district is a fun place. The night you spend here will definitely be memorable.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

So, you had some fun last night at the district and now you want to relax a bit after the late morning. Where do you go? You go to a Museum. What? Wait a minute. A museum! Isn’t that the most boring place on earth? Why don’t you take a deep breath and tip that cowboy hat of yours back a little. This is not any ordinary museum; this is the museum of country music, same music you were dancing to last night. Since Nashville is the music city, this museum is the heart of the country music, as it displays the history of this genre. This is another major thing to do in Nashville, as many country fans especially come here to educate themselves about their favorite artists and creation of country music.

The Parthenon

Want to see something spectacular- Something that you will remember for the rest of your life? Then you won’t have trouble finding this magnificent structure which is the most popular thing in Nashville. The Parthenon is the full scale replica of the similar structure in Greece. A replica you say, a lousy replica? Well first of all the original structure is in Greece, so you want to go all the way there? Also the original structure is not in one piece, so you may have to imagine how the structure was before it got demolished. Rather than going to Greece for a structure that is not in one piece and requires effort on the brain to imagine how it was why not check this beauty out in Nashville. The Parthenon is situated in the center of the centennial park and is a unforgettable sight but that is not all. Inside is a 42 feet statue of a Greek goddess Athena Parthenos which will leave you in awe and by the way it is not there in Greece anymore. The Parthenon is hands down the must thing to do in Nashville.